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I believe we all come to this world with a mission. Mine was always working with energy in the service of others, it only had to materialize later in life to be at its highest level.
I can help you retrieve what you lost or to find what you searched for and didn’t find so far. Looking forward to seeing you. Just try it!

Connect with the <br> universal energyRelease tensions <br> and stressFeel relaxed <br> and at peace



Connect with the <br> universal energyRelease tensions <br> and stressFeel relaxed <br> and at peace



I believe we all come to this world with a mission. Mine was always working with energy in the service of others, it only had to materialize later in life to be at its highest level.
I can help you retrieve what you lost or to find what you searched for and didn’t find so far. Looking forward to seeing you. Just try it!

Do you feel tired, anxious or sick?Do you have a physical, mental or emotional problem?Do you have problems sleeping or need relaxation?

Come for an energy, sound and color therapy session with me to get to the root of the issue and start treating its effects energetically!

5 Reiki Perceps

Just for today:

Do not anger

Just for today:

Do not worry

Just for today:

Be grateful

Just for today:

Work honestly

Just for today:

Be kind to yourself and others

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Je remercie infiniment Teodora pour son approche holistique et son diagnostic précis. Elle est à l’écoute et prodigue des soins de qualité dont les effets sur ma santé et mon mental sont durables. Je lui exprime toute ma gratitude et la recommande chaudement.

Esther, Paris, France (distance healing)

This process, of seeing colors and being in contact with the Supreme Energy, requires the touch and meditation of a Master; texts alone will only lead seekers down blind alleys and dead ends after years of work.

Sorina, Bucharest, Romania

Pentru mine, a fost prima experienta de terapie prin sunete, dar voi mai reveni cu siguranta. Teo este o persoana empatica si deschisa, care m-a intampinat cu zambetul de buze, iar energia ei calda m-a facut imediat sa ma simt in largul meu. Am plecat de la ea relaxata si destinsa, iar starea a persistat si in zilele urmatoare.

Laura, Bucuresti, Romania

My Reiki session with Teo was powerfully moving and deep. This uncertain time has triggered anxiety and brought back old emotions from the past. The energetic healing she facilitates is immediately evident and significant. Teo helped me rebalance all my energy and most important giving back hope, emotional strength and self love. After a session at distance she helped me to heal the psychical pain I was feeling in my lungs caused by stress and amplified by the quarantine and it was so lovely. I am deeply grateful for this powerful woman and her support! Thank you, Teo!

Andreea, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

My sessions with Teo have been wonderful experiences of deep peace that have left me feeling light and happy. Teo has a great ability to read a person’s bodies, zero in on areas that are in need of extra care and apply the most appropriate remedy from her wide array of healing tools. I fully recommend The Sound of Healing to anyone looking for a genuine therapist to guide them through their healing journey.

Raluca, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Un “spa energetic” care merită încercat! Teo are o prezență deschisă și călduroasă oferindu-ți astfel cel mai optim mediu pentru detașare și vindecare. Terapia ei prin sunet este optimizată pentru vindecare dar te și poate ajuta să te descoperi pe tine într-o altă manieră.

Petronela, Bucharest, Romania

I will start by expressing my pride in being from the same family as Teo, a sensitive person, endowed with many special qualities, captivating and amazing.

When she decided to present her latest acquisitions in the field of sound healing (therapy), along with those in the field of color therapy, I was as both curious and eager for new experiences. At the beginning of the healing session, I was still thinking about how complex these techniques can be, but very quickly, I lost touch with the rational and let myself be carried away by the gentle, sweet and peaceful feeling and the light induced by Teo’s presence and her techniques.  I felt like I had gone to an unknown place, but it was wonderfully quiet and bright.
At one point, subconsciously watching Teo’s presence and movement around my body, my soul was filled with peace, light, security, and hope, and I knew, I felt, and I saw with my own eyes how Teo lingered longer in the right shoulder area.
I wish this very pleasant feeling would never end and I enjoyed it until, surprisingly, I heard Teo, from a completely different direction, calling me gently, telling me that the session was over, but that I can take my time, relaxing.

It’s hard to put into words, but the question that popped into my mind then was, “WHO WAS NEXT TO ME?” Who inspired those cosmic feelings for me, if only Teo and I were in the room, but she was in another corner of the room? ”

Corina, Bucharest, Romania

My husband and I started distance healing sessions with Teo and I can say she is amazing! A true healer and a great person. Thank you for your endless kindness!

S&E (couple), Montreal, Canada

Compared to other tried Reiki therapies, Teo’s therapy (energy, sound and color) was a completely different experience. I had different sensations, heat in the head area (where I know it is needed) and it created a state of inner peace … that all of a sudden I was so strong, being able to face myself anytime and anytime. any inner demon I would have …

Andreea, Cluj, Romania

Although it was not the first Reiki therapy session I received, it was the first with Teo. This created very strong experiences, unexpected emotions flooded my whole being, culminating in a complete relaxation of body and mind, as had never happened to me before. And adding sound to her therapy was amazing. The received vibrations, with such different intensities and frequencies, were beneficial, according to my senses, to every cell in the body. Many hours after the end of the session, I felt that I was still lying on the therapy table, in full harmony with everything around me and in a calm of any fears I had felt before. Many times I felt the need to open my eyes to see if I was still there or dreaming (I fell asleep from time to time). I sometimes thought Teo pressed my forehead or other parts of my body, but she wasn’t even touching me. The warmth of her hands is felt from a distance and a wave of heat seems to caress you.
The well-being continues long after the meeting.

Delia, Giurgiu, Romania

Teodora is an intuitive healer and can tune in and listen to what your body really needs which makes the whole session a wonderful experience and what I can only describe as soothing to the soul. Teodora has a beautiful gentle approach to healing and her caring nature really shines through. After the session I felt energised and with the information Teodora shared with me I was motivated to continue making the changes I need.

Corinne, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amazing experience! Wonderful approach of Teo and surprising good impact: bien-etre ! Even if I do not understand exactly how this could be possible, I did experienced a great body and soul serenity after the first session of energy and sound healing with Teo. Looking forward to understanding and experiencing more

Ingrid, Paris, France

Feeling good with my body and soul like after being for a while in nirvana… is an amazing experience I had after a energy and sound healing session with Teo… to be renewed as soon as possible. I even felt asleep. Additionally, she diagnose precisely all my chronicle medical problems For a mystical agnostic, pure scientist mind… this makes me crazy! How it works? Doesn’t matter… please do it again Teo?!

Calin, Paris, France

This is how the therapy for the soul, body and mind would describe the experience with The Sound of Healing. It is magical how you feel, how you relax during the session, what beneficial energy transfer is done. The sounds masterfully used by Teo reach the cells, her colorful scarves are not only transparent but are also felt during the session, her touches make you enter another dimension. It seems unreal, but it is true and I will leave it in her hands whenever I have the opportunity. And I recommend you to follow her on her page, to discover her and to give yourself the chance to try sessions with her. You will feel liberated, clean, full of energy and more balanced in soul, body and energy. With love and appreciation, Diana

Diana, Bucharest, Romania

As a partner of Teo, I fully recharge just by being in her presence, but for a complete restorative result, I like to receive energy, sound and color healing, combined with reflexology. I went through several stressful deadlines, and her healing hand and her voice, along with the various instruments, completely relieve stress and give me clarity and concentration. My whole body gets extra energy and if I have any specific pain, headache or sore throat or back pain, they go away in a few minutes. I am grateful to have access to her healing talents.

Tudor, All over

I had such a beautiful experience with Teo. I previously had distance healing sessions with other Reiki healers, so I knew that if I don’t feel a physical sensation in the body, the healer and I are not connected. I was a bit nervous as I was not familiar with Teo’s work, but I knew that her positive energy and her beautiful smile will put me at ease. And she did, I was calm and relaxed throughout the session, I even fell asleep. Teo is kind and sweet, but also powerful. During the session I felt the energy moving in different parts of my body, and I knew Teo and I had connected. After the healing ended, Teo told me about the blockages she felt and how they can be released further. She took time to explain how energy healing works and we explored complementary healing methods. She is a wealth of knowledge and conversations with her are mesmerizing. I am always learning new ways of healing. Her advice is priceless and I am practicing everything she told me. The symptoms in the areas she worked on subsided, and my mood is better. I will continue to work with Teo, and I am also looking forward for her to finish her accreditation in Traditional Chinese Medicine in the summer 2022. I am very interested in integrating that in my healing journey. If you are looking for a gifted healer with a great heart, you found her. Thank you, Teo!

Ramona, Toronto, Canada (distance healing)

My session with Teodora had a profound effect on my physical, emotional and spiritual body. I experienced a gentle embrace of a beautiful, attentive, soft and loving energy welcoming all what there was. Such a deep and profound relaxation was for me a challenge to understand, it cannot be explained rationally or scientifically, yet I felt it and in full trust I gave in. The realization came up of things that I might have wanted to get away from in the first place. I always want to be busy in my life, doing meaningful things, doing my business, being active almost all the time. After the session I felt completely relaxed and serene for few days, I slept a lot and had no urge to “do” things, just enjoy being, and that was so wonderful.  I was not tired,  it was a wonderful state of being that further lead to other necessary insights.

Thank you Teodora, you are an angel!  

Darina, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Teo obviously has a gift for healing and I feel very lucky to have experienced it. Without saying anything to Teo, she could sense where my problem areas were. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and during it I could not help smiling which was wonderful. In addition that night, I had the longest and best sleep that I had in a long time. Thank you Teo!

Karen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Teo, for me, is the kind of person who emanates that wonderful energy and wellbeing from the first “eye contact”.
I was happy to be able to benefit from both face to face therapy, but also distance therapy and I can say that in both cases, the therapy works wonderfully.
After a meeting with Teo, a state of deep relaxation, balance, inner peace is installed instantly, but also the attenuation and disappearance of physical pain.
In the end, you have a balance in all dimensions: physical, mental and emotional.
Therapy sessions with Teo are unique and wonderful experiences!
I am lucky and grateful, because you appeared in my life and I strongly believe that in life nothing is accidental and everything happens with a purpose.
Thank you, Teo, for being a miracle human being!

Irina, Bucharest, Romania

I got to know Teo first a friend and, later on, discovered her as a healer. She is an amazing human being and really gifted. I had a wonderful session with her and definitely looking forward to more. She made me feel safe and completely relaxed and helped me to work through some stuff I was dealing with at the time. I am eager to continue working with her and I am happy to have her in my life!

Ale, Brussels, Belgium
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